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Now accepting reservations for 2024-2025!
subscription service

Winter limited monthly Information on long-term usage plans

This is a plan that includes lodging and living services in a slightly luxurious space starting from one month. Shared hotels, corporate benefits, telework, emergencies, disaster countermeasures, creators, base for artists' creative activities This is a plan for long-term stays for winter sports and inbound tourists.

​Services included in the price

●The same services as accommodation are available 24 hours a day. Equipment, equipment usage, water and heating costs, kerosene costs, All included including wifi usage

●Management services available during the period Snow removal work, replenishment of amenities, replacement of bedding, Garbage management, indoor cleaning, maintenance, transportation support

●Free access 24 hours a day, tent sauna, bonfire, You can also enjoy BBQ etc. without worrying about time.


​Around the facility

The facility is built on the grounds of a shrine, and as there is only one facility, the surrounding area is quiet and completely private. There are many ski resorts and day-trip hot spring facilities within a 30-minute drive, as well as convenience stores, liquor stores, and restaurants within a 10-minute drive. Joetsu Shinkansen Jomo Kogen Station / Joetsu Line Gokan, Minakami Station (There is a rental car company in front of the station) 30 minutes from Tsukiyono Interchange or Minakami Interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway

Reservation acceptance period



​32 days of Christmas and New Year period, including year-end and New Year events



​Great deal! Long period of 38 days: Coming of Age Day, National Foundation Day, Setsubun, Valentine's Day, peak snowfall period



31 days with little snowfall from winter to spring: White Day, spring break, vernal equinox

Accommodation fee
Please choose one month from A, B, or C.

1 month contract ¥1,000,000(tax included)
2 month contract ¥1,900,000(tax included)
3 month contract ¥2,700,000(tax included)

Contact information

Thank you for sending. Please wait for a while for a reply.

From the owner

Thank you for visiting our page. About subscription plans This project plan has the themes of ``freedom'', ``comfort'', ``winter'', and ``a little luxury''. The price range may not be the cheapest, but I think you can spread the burden by renting with a few friends or renting with your company. I also think that if a system is created that allows individuals to decide on usage conditions and use the service at a low price, usage fees will be further reduced. For corporate use, it is also a good idea to divide the rooms by department or team and use them like a training camp. It can also be used as a secret place for socializing, improving relationships, and holding business meetings.

I think it's great that you can use it without worrying about other people's eyes because it's a place where there are no tourists.

Major hotels and inns are attractive,

but they lack services that can only be obtained from family-run businesses.

I think we can provide you with local information.




Application deadline: First round of recruitment: January 2024 to end of March 2024 *The deadline will be closed as soon as the contract is concluded.

Reservations are possible even on the waiting list/We will inform you about the second round of recruitment later.

If a reservation for the first round of recruitment is made at the end of March and is not finalized by the end of April, it will be automatically canceled and customers on the waiting list will be given priority.


Payment will be made by bank transfer or in a lump sum.

In the case of corporate use, we can also issue an invoice (invoice registered business).


Payment must be made within one month of application. The contract will be concluded once the transfer is confirmed.

If the contract holder is an individual (shared by multiple people), it is okay for one representative to apply, but if you are staying overnight, please make sure to keep a record and be sure to confirm the introduction from the representative. To do. Also, we cannot accept share registrations from people who have never met other than acquaintances or relatives, as this may cause trouble. If the contract is for a corporation (including a sole proprietorship), please register the name of the corporation (representative), and if you are a related person including employees, please provide proof that you are a related person and record the accommodation at any time. I'll enjoy having this.


Notes regarding use after contract The basic number of guests in the bedrooms of this facility is 5 people (2 doubles and 1 single in the same room). There are no private rooms. If there are more than 5 people, the bedding will be sleeping bag mats, so if you have a large group, please consult with us before using. It is expected that an unspecified number of guests will use the property during the contract period.If you wish to stay overnight, please be sure to contact us through a representative to avoid double bookings between acquaintances. If you would like to request transportation or cleaning during the period, please be sure to contact us before making a reservation. The manager will manage the keys on-site during the period. Also, if you go out during your stay, please be sure to leave it with the manager (to prevent loss, theft, and crime).For security management, a security camera is installed at the entrance. This facility is also a drop-in facility for police officers.

Damages will be incurred if it is discovered that there is trespassing into neighboring houses, noise after 9:00 p.m., property damage, excessive loss of utility bills at night due to the user's negligence, acts that cause a fire, drug abuse, or other similar nuisance acts. We may provide compensation or terminate the contract. Fees paid during that contract period cannot be refunded. In the event of a physical stoppage of public infrastructure (power outage, water supply, etc.) due to natural disasters, emergencies, etc., we will respond to what we can at our facilities, but if the problem is affecting the entire region, we may have to wait until the situation is restored. I'll enjoy having this. Please note that the customer will be responsible for any damages incurred in this case unless the facility is at fault. ​ Please understand the terms and conditions of this facility before using the facility.

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